The Top Stock Message Boards

Wondering where to find the top stock message boards? Here’s where you’ll find the latest news and data for the stocks you are watching.

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best-stock-message-board-awardI decided to do a little research for all of you to find the top 10 stock message boards. Unfortunately, the results were quite poor. I was only able to find 2 stock message boards that were worth using.

The Method I Used to Find the Top Stock Message Boards

To put things simply, I googled the phrase “stock message boards”. I found a nice list of results so one by one I began clicking on each stock board.

What I Found

I found out that most of the stock message boards had a multitude of advertisements and pop up ads. I had to turn off so many pop up ads that my head began to spin. After I finally reached the stock boards, I found the layouts to be quite confusing. Some of the boards actually had a search box so I tried typing in a few stock tickers that I know of to see what happened.

I Was Shocked

Many of the stock tickers I searched for never came up! The ones that did either had outdated posts or were full of gibberish. I simply could not find any that I would use except for two.

The Top 2 Stock Message Boards

And the winners are…you probably already know the first one. Yahoo. The Yahoo stock message board was laid out in an easy to use format. It was easy to navigate and it did not bash me with pop up ads. On the right side of the screen they had the top stories related to macroeconomics. Also each stock board had many updated comments. That’s really all there is to say about their stock message boards.

The Other Top Stock Message Board Was…

The Trade Locker Stock Message Board. The trade locker stock message board was also easy to navigate. It had a search box that was easy to find. There were no annoying pop up ads. They even had an easy to read list with over 3000 stock ticker symbols! Each stock board had 3 news posts that related directly to the stock I was searching for. There also was a nice two month candlestick chart that showed how the stock had performed in the past two months. There was also a current stock price that updated in real time. In addition I found key stock statistics right there on the page. In essence it was a one stop shop that had all of the news, the stock price, the key stock statistics and a nice chart right there at the stock message board. There was only one problem that I found. It needs more comments so please help by signing up here. We need your help to make this a powerful stock message board. Remember that as a community we can help one another become better investors at no cost. What we put in we get out.

If you know of any stock message boards that should be included in this list please let us know below. Also, if you have any comments that would help make the Trade Locker Stock Message Boards better we would love to hear from you.

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