Do You Really Need Online Stock Market Classes for Beginners?

Need stock market classes for beginners? You might be able to learn the most important things you need to know about being a new investor for free.

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If you’re a beginner investor and thinking about taking a couple of stock market classes – you need to be really careful. There are a lot of investors out there teaching high-end expensive online stock market courses – which not only can cause you to lose money but leave you confused. In this article, we’ll talk about why it could be better to learn on your own.

Are All Stock Market Training Courses Online a Bad Idea?

If you’ve been thinking about finding free online trading classes to teach you the ins and outs of learning the basics of investing strategies, you’ve probably stumbled across a few “star traders” who are willing to teach you everything they know – for a hefty investment fee of course.

Now, I’m not bashing any one specific investor or trader. In fact, I am almost positive you will learn some useful things from the various online classes for stock market trading – but you will also likely lose a lot of time and worse, most likely some money too.

After you finish the class, you might at least know what you don’t like…but that’s a best-case scenario. For most of the online stock market students I’ve talked to, they leave not only with less money to invest, but with a head full of confusion as well.

Is Stock Market Investing Easier Than Brain Surgery?

I like to use this analogy: Would you learn to be a brain surgeon online? Sounds ridiculous, I’m sure…but it’s not that far off.

Here you are – You want to invest…except there is that tiny little problem…You don’t know what you’re doing. You need lessons, right? Yeah…

Let’s think of it like this for a minute: Imagine you want to learn how to do brain surgery. Is a 6 week crash course in brain surgery going to prepare you to put the life of someone else in your hands?

Um…no. There’s a VERY good reason doctors spend years and years in med school.

Stock market trading and learning how to invest in the stock market is a lot like this. Because when you are risking large sums of money – whether it’s $1,000 or $10,000 – you very well could be putting your own life in your hands. $10,000 for some could mean being out of debt, or putting that money to work for you in less riskier method of a mutual fund or ETF investment.

The take-away lesson is this: You should NOT just rush into the stock market. If you do, you will lose a lot of money. You need to know what you’re doing. Education goes a VERY long way.

Where do you find the finanical education you want and need?

Getting a financial education is not as simple as you might think. There is no such thing as a “stock market investing accredited class”. Unless you are going to a reputable business school to earn an MBA, there’s no one who checks and makes sure the “guru” you are following online actually even knows what the heck they are doing or even makes money using their own strategies.

It’s scary. Almost anyone can start up an online class on any subject they want. It’s easier than ever. This is great for certain topics, but when there is a risk for someone who might take advantage of you or cause you financial harm, you really need to do your homework!

And if you are anything like me when you first started investing – you wanted to know everything and you wanted to get started quickly and you wanted to make money fast. You subscribe to all of the newsletters. You sit through webinars. Yes. I know that story pretty well.

But even after all of that, you can think you know everything – and still lose money. That’s what the stock market online courses for beginners don’t tell you: They lose money more than they make money. I’ll even tell you myself: I lose money. Not that I’m particularly proud of that or anything – but it’s a risk you’ve got to be willing to take.

I love this quote below, it really seems to sum it all up pretty well: Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know. That’s what you’ll probably learn in any online trading classes you find – and it’s a valuable lesson, but there are far easier ways to learn it!

The Only Online Stock Market Classes You’ll Ever Need: Experience, Time + Practice

Let me give you my #1 lesson for everything about how to trade stocks I share with anyone who’s interested in getting started with investing in the stock market. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re investing in, what the trends say – this lesson is true for every investor – you shouldn’t invest unless you want to seriously just throw your money away.

That might sound harsh, but it’s true. If you are not in a financial position to lose money {and most of us really aren’t} – then you need to build up your stock market play money fund and get your education awhile until you are truly ready to just lose every dime you saved and earned and worked hard for.

No matter what your strategy, no matter how proven or authoritive the people teaching the online stock market classes may be – you’ve got to be so very very careful.

So…instead of making you a list of all the best classes and try to get you to sign up for some crap that is going to try to brainwash you…

I’m going to invite you to read some of the most helpful things we have available here on our blog, very well organized and straight to the point – and you can read it for free. You can start with stock market tips for beginners or if you’re in need for a little more knowledge about strategy, check out how to read candlestick charts, or read up on some of my pharmaceutical industry investment strategies.

There is a lot here on our website, so grab a cup of coffee while you browse through the many articles available on our stock market trading blog. There’s a lot there that can save you a lot of grief!

Why am I giving this away for free? Because: 

1: I wasted about $1200 in online classes and lost thousands more investing using these so called “strategies” the gurus use. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. It’s sickening to me the things these guys teach and practice…it’s truly unethical and downright terrible that they are profiting over someone risking potentially their life savings.

2. I’m by no means an expert. Not a financial professional. Not a stock analyst. Not a certified accountant. No way. I am an intermediate level trader. Because we’re always constantly developing and evolving, just like the market does. The market goes up and down, we change, we adjust, we learn new things. So, by giving this information for free to you, I’m not going to have any guilt or problems sleeping at night – I know I have a REALLY BIG DISCLAIMER on my site that trading is super risky and everything on this blog is mostly just for informative and entertainment purposes. Whatever you do – that is up to you – but you have a brain and it’s up to you to use it!

3. I believe if you want to be successful in the stock market, you’ve got to create the right strategy that works for you. You can’t just “adopt” someone else’s strategy and think it is going to turn you into a millionaire overnight. It doesn’t work like that. We’re all different, and trading stocks can become a serious psychological/mind screw that plays with your emotions, and who knows? Maybe even some physical changes in your brain. The point is, we’re all unique, so we need a personal plan and strategy for investing and trading that only we can create for ourselves.

4. Education is KEY! You should prepare to spend at least 12 months of training, education, research, and learning to truly understand how the stock market works. You’re not going to get everything you need to know in some 6 week e course or workshop or online class. You need to dedicate yourself to learning and really get as much information as you can in that initial phase. Here’s the good news: If you know what to learn, you are going to learn everything all the much faster.

I’m sorry, I don’t have a long list of the best online stock investing classes for beginners and courses for you to check out. I could tell you which ones I wasted my money on…but I’m not the type to trash talk someone.

If you want to learn how to invest as a beginner trader, do yourself a favor right now: Forget searching for classes that are going to teach you everything.

I have been researching, practicing, learning, and studying ever since I started my own business years ago.

We have a lot on our website here that will get you familiar with the basics of beginner investment strategies. If you decide to take an online stock market class later, once you really know what you want to achieve – great. But hopefully at least right now it can help save you from wasting money on gurus that are just going to lead you down the wrong path and get you in possibly serious trouble.

What kind of trouble? Well, here is just one example: Day Trading. Despite what many people will claim, you can’t just day trade. There are laws. Many gurus teaching these classes never tell you the truth…until after you spend money on their class, use their weird broker who charges exuberant fees, you end up losing on a trade because you were unaware of stop-losses … All of it is a recipe for disaster!}

Anyways, you want to learn, and that’s what is truly exciting.

Tell me in the comments below: Have you taken any of the guru online classes?Did any of them actually work? Maybe you’ve had a different {and hopefully more positive} experience than me!

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