If you’re interested in investing in 3d printing stocks, it can be a challenge to research all the companies and determine which are the best 3D printing stocks to watch. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of 3D printing stocks that is simple and easy for you to know which companies are entering the realm of printing three dimensionally.

With this list, you can begin researching each of these companies on your own. The nice thing about this list is you can quickly find these companies and form your own trading strategy for the advanced printing industry.

Here is a list of 3D printing stocks and stock ticker symbol for each:


{Please note: Each of these companies are listed in Alphabetic Order, we are not favoring one company over any other in this list or even recommending to invest in the 3D Printing Industry at all. As always you should do your own research on each company you are considering investing in!}

  1. 3D Systems  –  (Ticker-Symbol  DDD)
  2. Alphaform – (Ticker-Symbol  ATF)
  3. Ansys Inc. –  (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  ANSS)
  4.  Arcam – (Ticker-Symbol  ARCM)
  5. Arc Group Worldwide – (Ticker-Symbol  ARCW)
  6. Autodesk, Inc. (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  ADSK)
  7. Camtek LTD – (Ticker-Symbol  CAMT)
  8. Cimatron Ltd. – (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  CIMT)
  9. Dassault Systemes S.A. – (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  DASTY)
  10. Exa Corporation – (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  EXA)
  11. ExOne –  (Ticker-Symbol  XONE)
  12. Faro Technologies Inc. – (3D Scanner) – (Ticker-Symbol  FARO)
  13. Groupe Gorge – (Ticker-Symbol  GOE)
  14. Hewlett-Packard Company – (Ticker-Symbol HPQ)
  15. Materialise –  (Ticker-Symbol  MTLS)
  16. Organovo – (Ticker-Symbol  ONVO)
  17. Perceptron Inc. -(3D Scanner) – (Ticker-Symbol  PRCP)
  18. PTC Inc. – (3D Software) – (Ticker-Symbol  PMTC)
  19. Renishaw – (Ticker-Symbol  RSW)
  20. SLM Solutions – (Ticker-Symbol  AM3D)
  21. Stratasys –  (Ticker-Symbol  SSYS)
  22. Voxeljet – (Ticker-Symbol  VJET)

Currently, we have 22 companies that we are aware of that have entered into the 3D printing industry. If you know of a company that you think we may have missed to include in our list of 3D Printing Stocks, please tell us about it in the comments section below and if it’s relevant and an appropriate stock for this niche, we will update our list accordingly.