Stock Message Boards – Why I Use Them

Here are some tips on why you should be using stock message boards.

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It doesn’t matteentrepreneur-696976_1280r if you are a new trader or an elite Wall Street super pro trader. Stock Message Boards are a useful tool that can help you make money and avoid losing money. Below are 5 reasons why you should be using stock message boards.

Tip Number One – The Experts Use Stock Message Boards

Make no mistake about it. There are expert value investors on some of these stock message boards. Seriously, some of these investorsĀ have been into these stocks long term and I mean they have been long for decades. Believe me when I say they know a few things about the stock and you could learn from them.

Tip Number Two – Paid Pumpers are on stock boards

It sounds bad right? Not necessarily. People who are paid to make stocks look great on message boards give out tons of data. Obviously if you blindly follow what they say you are stupid but what if you take what they have to say with a grain of salt? You can research the data they give you. Check to see what is factual versus non factual. Also, if you are a trader who loves going short on a position then you may want to find stocks that are full of false fluff so you can short them.

Tip Number Three – Be Wary of Stocks With no Chatter on any Stock Message BoardĀ 

If nobody is talking about your next big stock on any stock message board I would run away and look elsewhere if you are a trader. No action usually means no buyers so the stock price should fall. Of course stocks can be manipulated and stocks with no chatter on boards can still have rising prices but in general they should be avoided unless you have a great deal of time to wait for a stock to pick up steam.

Tip Number Four – Heed the Warnings of Short Sellers on stock message boards

I have been on boards where the short sellers seem to be bashing my stock. Myself and the other holders who were long were so angry because somebody had the nerve to bash our stock. Guess what? It turned out that the so called basher was an honest person who lost money and was trying to warn us. We did not listen and the stock fell like an anvil off a skyscraper within a few minutes of the warning. There are a lot of good people on stock message boards. You just have to get to know them to find out who you trust. That is part of the reason that The Trade Locker exists. We are trying to help traders get together and help each other become better traders at no cost That is our mission so please sign up!

Tip Number Five – Stock Message Boards are Fun!

I’ll never forget. One day I was long on a stock and it took off like a rocket. One of the guys on the stock board wrote “Go (insert ticker here) it’s your birthday!” I haven’t laughed that hard in years. It was really a good time. We all had a blast that day except for those who were short on the stock!

Do you have any tips or suggestions on why you use stock message boards? Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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