The Trade Locker is pleased to announce a new feature for our free stock market community members. We have just created a new page that provides a free stock quote. The quote first appears as a stock chart that you can customize with the push of a button so that it shows you a candlestick chart which is perfect for those seeking real time up to date candlestick chart patterns that can be refreshed in real time! This means you can start analyzing candlestick chart patterns with any stock ticker you are interested in!

Keep in mind this feature shows candlestick charts that represent the price action. It is up to you to look for candlestick chart patterns that form. If you are not looking for candlestick chart quotes, but rather examples of Candlestick chart patterns, no worries, we have them right here as well.

Here is a screenshot of one of the free stock quote charts:

A powerful new tool that helps traders find Candlestick Chart Patterns

A powerful new tool that helps traders find Candlestick Chart Patterns

As you can see in the screenshot, I typed in the ticker AAPL in the upper left hand corner search box and clicked on the candlestick button. This immediately brought up the chart that you see here. Another cool feature of this instant stock chart quote is that it shows all the latest stock gossip on the right hand side of the chart! (Not shown in the screenshot – only available once you become a free member of our community)

There are plenty of things that you can customize. You can set the default stock ticker symbol to anything you want to. You can also set the stock time interval for the chart anywhere from one minute to one month. In addition you can compare the chart to any other stock that you want to add in an overlay feature in real time. Here is another screenshot showing a comparison to MSFT:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.00.06 AM

This comparison makes it much easier to find Candlestick Chart Patterns. You can search multiple tickers and add multiple overlays until you find the candlestick chart pattern you are looking for.

Another new feature that The Trade Locker is proud to introduce is that we now have breaking stock news that streams in real time. This shows all the breaking headlines for the day. You can check out the latest stock market news here.

Don’t forget you can also find the latest news on any individual stock ticker in the Nasdaq index on our stock message boards. This is also a great place to find the latest stock gossip and you can add your own comments as well.

The Trade Locker is now a one stop shop where you can get stock quotes, breaking stock news, a free stock education in our blog section, and talk about what it is like to be a trader in our “trade talk” stock market forum. We also offer stocks to watch, and our most important feature which is a place to network with other traders.

As always, our aim is to help our members become better traders for free. There are no hidden charges and there never will be. It is 100% forever free!