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35 Swing Trading Rules You Should Know About

Here are some helpful swing trading rules to consider if you are a swing trader or if you are considering becoming one.

Swing Trading Penny Stocks

If you are interested in penny stocks, you may want to consider swing trading penny stocks rather than day trading them or holding them long term.

Backtesting Trading Strategies – How Stock Traders Use Them

Learn about backtesting and find free backtesting stock trading software here!

Algorithmic Trading Strategies – A Tool all Stock Traders Should Know About

Would you let a computer trade stocks for you using algorithms with your hard earned money? You might if it makes more profits than you can.

3 Easy ETF Swing Trading Strategies

Here are a few Etf Swing Trading Strategies.

Candlestick Chart Patterns

The Trade Locker is pleased to announce a new feature for our free stock market community members. We have just created a new page that provides a free stock quote. The quote first appears as a stock chart that you can customize with the push of a button so that it shows you a candlestick chart which is perfect for those seeking real time up to date candlestick chart patterns.

Bear Market ETF

There are different types of bear market ETFs to consider. In this article I will point out the different types and provide a list of popular bear market ETFs for you to choose from to make your search easier.

How to Pick a Penny Stock

In this article, I will point out some of the dangers, give out helpful tips and explain how to pick a penny stock.