Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2018

Investing in biotech stock can be exciting, especially as companies move towards the different phases of approval for pharmaceutical use. Here are our stock picks for 5 biotech stocks and pharmaceutical companies to watch in 2018.

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We’ve written about investing in biotech stocks before and a big part of our strategy when buying biotech stocks is to find companies which are in Phase 3 of FDA approval. If you are looking for the biotech stocks to watch in 2018, we’ve put together a nice list of biotech companies, their stock information, and why it’s one we believe is worth watching.

If you’re not familiar with our biotech penny stock investment strategy, you will certainly want to read up on why and how you may want to learn more about it.

Please remember, this article is not financial advice, and we are not suggesting you buy these stocks, nor is it a substitute for financial advice. As always, it is your responsibility for any investment decisions you might make.

We also do not currently own stock in any of these companies. This post serves simply as information that you can use to help you find the research you need in order to make the best possible decision when buying biotech stocks.

Bear in mind, you can always short sell stocks, so that is something to consider also depending on the technical analysis indicators and when you decide to invest.

biotech stocks to watch

Here are Our Biotech Company Stock Picks to Watch in 2018

These stocks you will want to watch in early 2018, and also later throughout the year as announcements are made on the progress of their products approval by the FDA. You may wish to bookmark this page, or even potentially set calendar reminders for each of the announcement dates so that you can be prepared.

Biotech Stock Symbol: NBRV

NBRV is the stock symbol for a company called Nabriva Therapeutics. This company completed Phase 3 Enrollment for a drug called Lefamulin on December 4, 2107 and data is due to be released spring of 2018.

This drug is meant to be a treatment to help with bacterial pneumonia, and it is interesting to watch as pneumonia has always been a threat to the health of the general public.

While the stock has fallen since its initial opening price in June 2017, it is likely once the news of their latest developments breaks there will be a spike to follow.

Stock Symbol URGN – Uro Gen Pharma Ltd.

Phase 3 enrollment for MitoGel Olympus began on A[ril 3, 2017 and the iterim analysis is due to be presented on May 21, 2018.  This product this company is testing would make positive developments for treating urothelial carcinoma, a type of cancer that affects the urinary tract system.

If you look at this biotech stock chart screenshot, it speaks for itself how the announcements have caused the stock prices to raise. There is typically a small dip afterwards, and it will be fascinating to watch to see what it does when new investments are made.


EBIO  – Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc

This is a stock you are likely hearing a lot of buzz about. EBIO is the stock symbol for Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc.

The company announced Phase 3 completion for Vicinium, which would be used to treat non-muscle invasive bladded cancer. You will notice if you watch the stock charts with this company, you will see a pattern of increasing when these announcements are made.

Preliminary data is due on May 21, 2018, and we will continue to watch for the 3 month and 12 month data marks to see the progress on this biotech stock pick.

ESPR – Esperion Therapeutics Inc

This company is currently developing a biotech product which would be used in relation to statin intolerance. Phase 3 initiation of efficacy trials were announced on January 8, 2017 and we are expecting a report on the data due sometime in May 2018.

Stock Symbol ARMO – ARMO Biosciences Inc

This company is developing AM0010 (PEG-IL-10) and Pembrolizumab Cypress 1 which would be a strong development for non-small cell lung cancer.

Phase 3 interim analysis was announced on March 26, 2018. The trial is to continue. Second analysis and final data due 2020.  Data is due towards the end of 2018, with an abstract to be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in June 2018.

Biotech Stocks Are Exciting

There are a number of reasons why Biotech stocks are exciting to watch. First of all, due to the way the FDA regulates and tests new products which come on the market, it is easy to notice trends and therefore invest as desired for your strategy.

The next thing that makes it exciting is these are biotech products which can make great strides in the pharmaceutical industry. When new medications and developments in medicine happen, this means people who are in need of a cure or a way to manage symptoms may finally be able to have something that can help them.

We will update this post as we discover new biotech stocks we think are worth watching, and of course there are many others to stay on top of in the news!

Do you have any biotech stock lists you are watching in 2018? Share your thoughts and stock picks in the comments below!

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